Flight Services

Our Flight services extend to every type and form of air travel to suit your preference.

Economy, business and first class travel options are just the icing on the cake. As part of our flight services we offer so much more for your comfort.

We arrange: Chartered Flights: Individual private aircrafts and leisure tours to take in the scenic view of the city you visit.

Business Jets: Exclusive, specialized jets designed to transport business professionals, fully equipped with work stations, the best of in-flight entertainment and business class amenities.

International Flights: Travel services to countries across the world with the cheapest budgets and discounted airfares, we provide the best of air travel deals and the unbeatable offers for all famous international airlines.

Regular Flights: Standard flight services to your destination country with range of seating and dining options.

Domestic Flights: To transport you to nearby islands or other cities within the countries you visit.

We arrange specialized trips for our adventurous travellers who wish to make the most of their visits.

Our special services include :

Helicopter Trips – To enjoy a birds-eye view of the city

Two-Stop Trips – Stop-over at two countries to pack in more

Multi-City Trips – Enjoy a variety experience with stops at various cities around the globe

Round-The-World Trips – For those who live to travel. A complete trail from your destination to major countries across the world, touring entire continents or even the entire globe.